Monday, September 13, 2010


Well, our first session in Lysa Terkeurst's Bible Study - Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl - was certainly tinged with sadness. However, we had a good group of ladies and had some good prayer time and got right into it. Oh, and we had brownies - with NO nuts - for a snack! (wink, wink ladies - you'd have to be here to know what that was about)


In the first session, Lysa used examples from her own life to remind us that we can NOT try to make any person, possession or position fill our heart. That is something that only God can do. If we try to force anything besides God to do it, it can quickly turn from a blessing into a burden.

Anything we use as a substitute for God is an idol - a false god. It wasn't just the people in the Old Testament that struggled with this. We still struggle with this today. But the same answer that their false gods gave to them is the same answer our false gods give us - there is no response, no one answers and no one pays attention.

We have to quit thinking "If only I had" statements and replace them with truths from God's Word. Proverbs 24:16 was one example she gave.

When we allow ourselves to be satisfied with God and filled up with His truth, then we can stop having unrealistic expectations from people, possessions and positions.

I must remember that just because something I DO might be a failure, it does NOT make ME a failure.


We had a lot of good discussion after watching the video and I am enjoying the "between-sessions personal Bible Study" that she has us doing.

If you didn't sign up but would like to join us after reading this, come on! We still have an extra set of books and you really haven't missed THAT much yet. Come join us this Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. We'd love to have you.

This Thursday night there will also be an extra-special video (I hope - lol) besides the Bible Study and an important announcement to go along with it. No, it's not another Bible Study but something I think several ladies might be interested in. Come see what it is :)

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