Thursday, July 29, 2010


WOO HOO!!!! The Lord gave me the most wonderful logo for our group. Shared it with the ladies at the first meeting and everyone loved it! Here it is:

I gave a brief description of how WATER Group came to be.

I received in the mail, a sample of some water flavorings from Crystal Light. This was the package it came in:

So, I emptied out the samples, made a change to the 'bottom' portion of the package (which you can see below:


And inside I placed all the scriptures we used that night.


Everyone got to take a set of the scriptures home with them.

I also found two wonderful articles online when I searched "thirsty for God-Alive". I shared parts from them that God laid on my heart to share. Some of those highlights were:

Jesus knows that deep in all of us is a longing that can  only be satisfied when our soul is in contact with the God who created us. He called this deep longing a thirst for God. (Someone read John 7:37 here)

This article also gave scriptures from Psalm that remind us of how thirsty we are for God. These scriptures were: Psalm 42:1, 63:1-3, 143:6, 73:26, 27:4, 84:10 and 119:57.

The main points from this man's article were:
1) REFRESH THE LORD - HE'S THIRSTY, TOO (The flow of worship)
2) DRINK IN DEEP (The flow of growth)

In the conclusion of his article, he shared this: When we refresh someone who is thirsty, Jesus, "The King wil say...'I was thirsty and you gave Me something to drink...' The righteous will answer Him, 'Lord, when did we see you thirsty and give you something to drink?'...Then the King will reply, '...Whatever you did for one of the least of did for Me" (Matthew 25;31-46)

A cup of cold water is a little kindness you do for someone. It's something that ANYONE can offer from their heart.

As I was studying this, Angela Thomas (Pharr) posted on Twitter what she had seen Bob Goff post and I thought it went right along with what we were studying. Bob Goff had posted: "Jesus offered thirsty people a drink; most people don't want a speech, they just want a straw."

So, we each got a straw to remind us that people don't want a speech, they just want a straw :)

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