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FREEDOM (07-22-10)

This Thursday night's meeting we had Sheri Rose Shepherd as a guest speaker - well, okay, so she was here only on CD - LOL

That's right - we listened to "FREEDOM for His Princess" by Sheri Rose Shepherd. The Lord gave me a couple of 'visuals' to use while we were listening and also gave me several ideas of things to give the ladies to take home with them. One thing Sheri says at the beginning of her talk is.................

She goes on to talk about how a lot of times we go around as if we're holding a bucket in front of us, asking "people" to fill up our bucket and we are dragging a ball & chain behind us. The ball and chain being all the lies that the enemy tells us, all the while singing the song, "I am free to live. I am free to dance"........

She then goes on to talk about FREEDOM by using each letter of the word and giving scripture references.

Sheri Rose shares that the way to break free from the pain of your past is to 1) trade all the lies that you believe for the TRUTH of who GOD says you are and 2) let God love you even when you do not feel worthy of love.

It's up to you - you have to make the choice - are you going to walk in the enemy's lies or are you going to walk in God's truth?

Each lady in attendance was given a piece of paper to write down a lie that the enemy has told her. No one saw what was written on the paper except the person writing it. Each lady then took that piece of paper and put it in the shredder to symbolize that particular lie is now GONE and can not be put back together.

Another thing Sheri Rose pointed out was to DO THE ACTION, EVEN IF YOU DON'T FEEL LIKE IT. Do the action anyway and the feelings will follow. Praise Him even (and especially) when you aren't feeling it because when you continue to praise Him, the feelings WILL come.

She encouraged us to pray about fasting off the following for 7 days:

1) Saying anything negative about yourself
2) Saying anything negative about the world you live in or the people around you
3) The beauty and star magazines
4) The news - just get the highlights so you can pray for the world

If you weren't at this meeting and you would like to listen to the CD, just let me know. You can listen to it any time.

These are the "goodies" that each lady in attendance received: A bucket to remind her to "Let God fill your bucket with His promises"

These were the scripture references that were in the bucket - look 'em up:

And Sheri Rose also told us not to put a period where God has placed a comma in our lives and used Jeremiah 29:11 as a scripture reference, so each lady also received:

(By the way - those are commas and periods on each side of the 'frame' - lol)

And, last but not least, each lady also received a copy of the acronym Sheri Rose used for FREEDOM:

And all the goodies were placed in a little bag reminding her to GET READY to GET FREE on the front and our group logo on the back:

We discussed what to do in our next meeting and decided that we would each share a Psalm (or two or more) that God put on our heart.

It was a wonderful time of sharing and learning and we hope to see you at the next meeting :)

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  1. Sorry I missed you last night. Don't forget I will not be around next Thurs either. I will read Titus for my daily devotional just in case their is a pop quiz when I do return. Thank you for hosting this group and for your time putting this together.


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