Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We thought we were going to be studying in Titus last week but God had other plans for us. We continued studying in the Psalms as I felt that was the direction He was leading.

We read Psalm 23, 24, 37, 56, 63, 93 and 100. I was amazed at how He led us each separately to Psalms that all tied together.

He reminded us of His comfort, safety and that we can always put our trust in Him. Reminded us that we can come into His presence with no fear. Reminded us to wait on Him and, even though it may look like the wicked are winning, that He laughs at the wicked. He is on OUR side. When we are thirsty, He and He alone can satisfy our thirst. His faithfulness never fails and He knows what I need - and will supply it only as I need it, not necessarily when I think it is time.

I know that I could not have made it through the past year and months without His reassurance that He is with me and that He is in control. I am still trying to learn to keep my hands off things and give full control to Him instead of trying to "fix" things on my own. It is a hard lesson for me to learn, but I think I'm slowly getting there.

This week, (August 12) we are going to study in Titus - unless He changes our direction again. One thing I want is for us to ALWAYS be willing to go with HIS plan and not ours. I believe that is the only way He will be able to work in us.

If you haven't been able to attend yet, I look forward to seeing you as soon as your schedule permits. I missed the ones last week that have been coming but had prior committments and couldn't be here. I know God has called us together and each lady will be here in His perfect timing.

If you are reading this but you live too far away to join us, I am glad that you are keeping up with us here. I know this update was a short one but that's how it will be some weeks. Some weeks He will allow me to prepare something and have a lot to share and other weeks (like this past one), He will ask me to step aside and just let Him work - and I am perfectly okay with that :)

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