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TITUS - CHAPTER 1 (08-12-10)

Last Thursday we finally got in to our study on Titus. I thought I would do something different this week and let a couple of ladies share some of their thoughts from our discussion and reading of the Word. Then, I will finish up with my own.

Samantha shared these thoughts from the reading of the Word:

What do we know about Titus? It is compact, only 3 chapters long, easily overlooked and full of insight as to God's expectation of a leader. We took the first chapter apart and opened the floor to interpretation.

During this period in Crete, we see teachers that are far too focused on the little things of God such as circumcision. Crete’s own poets and profits speak of the Cretans as liars, evil animals and lazy people who do nothing but eat, are useless, hateful and refuse to obey.

Paul leaves Titus in Crete to appoint Elders/Pastors with some strict guidelines to continue on the preaching and teaching.

Qualifications for Elder/Pastor: (According to God's Word - not ours)

Not guilty of doing wrong, have only one wife, have believing children, the children must not be known to be wild or disobedient, he must not be selfish in nature, must not cheat anyone or be quick to anger. He must not drink excessively, he must welcome guests, love wisdom, live right, holy and be self controlled. An elder must use the true teaching to show and be able to show others their mistakes.

Samantha shared these thoughts from the discussion:

After several laughs and jokes as to why Paul so passionately dislikes Cretans, we realize that we could also be called Cretans. We have all had moments of anger, gluttony and disobedience.

We took a closer look at welcoming guests. It is thought that it expands to mean, in our time, a person who is available for his people. He must be approachable in nature and enjoy a flexible schedule. Someone who is willing to visit a bed side late at night or willing to take action immediately when needed, regardless of the hour.

We looked into why having one wife is a qualification. Perhaps, that meant exactly that, one wife without concubines. It could also be perhaps one who has not been divorced or one who is a widower.

Having believing children was a given. How can a leader lead others if his own house is in disarray? It gives a funny thought to the old saying that the preacher’s kid is usually the worst behaved.

Our elder/pastor must be bold enough to set these Cretans/us on the straight and narrow with the truth.


Jessica shared these thoughts:

In the reading and discussion of Titus, Chapter 1, I learned that God was not at all happy with the Cretans. I also learned that we, as Americans, are a LOT like the Cretans were back then - liars, cheaters and lazy gluttons. I learned what God expects of a pastor and also what He expects of His followers.


As we were discussing the "welcoming guests" qualification of the Elder/Pastor, it was mentioned, as stated by Samantha above, that we felt this could mean that he should be someone that is approachable. I kept trying to say something but absolutely could NOT think of the word I was trying to say about it. I think it was the next day when it FINALLY came to me - it was INTIMIDATING. You don't want your Elder/Pastor to be someone that would intimidate you. You must be able to feel welcome by them at all times.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Samantha and Jessica for sharing this week. They did an excellent job of summing up our discussion.

This coming week we will be studying in Chapter 2 of Titus. We are looking forward to this chapter, too.

Due to a previous obligation, however, we will be meeting on FRIDAY night this week because I can not be home Thursday night. We will meet at the same time (7:00 p.m.) and at the same place (my house) but on FRIDAY night instead of Thursday.

Thank you for keeping up with us here. We hope that you were blessed in some small way and pray that you will leave us a comment here to let us know you visited with us.

God bless you and yours and, if you live in our area, we look forward to seeing you at a meeting really soon :)

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